• Lighting Maintenance
  • Retail Lighting Maintenance
  • Electrical Testing & Inspection
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance
  • Emergency Lighting


How can we help you?

Lighting maintenance

See the light... Regular lighting maintenance can help you see things in the best possible light

CDL’s lighting maintenance service consists of free programmed periodic maintenance visits to replace any failed lamps

Retail Lighting maintenance

Get switched on…Good lighting is good business. Put your centre or store, it’s merchandise and your bottom line in the best possible light.

Electrical testing and inspection

It’s your responsibility…Periodic electrical inspection and testing is vital to protect people and property.

CDL’s inspection and testing service is carried out by qualified engineers to provide the reassurance that your electrical system is safe and compliant. We provide a full inspection report and relevant certification.

Exterior lighting maintenance

Reach the high lights…Leaving damaged or failed lighting unattended puts people and property at risk.

CDL offers a specialist high-level lighting maintenance service specialising in retail parks, industrial parks and business parks.

Emergency lighting

Why run the risk…Lighting failure could be a disaster waiting to happen.

CDL’s emergency lighting contracts consist of monthly, 6-monthly and annual testing and certification carried out by qualified engineers.